About the Honors Program

hon_studying11The overall objective of the Honors Program is to engage talented students drawn from all the undergraduate schools of the university in a challenging program of study through an integrated series of courses and seminars. The emphasis is on active involvement in the learning process, and the intention is that the Program complements studies in both core and major, without having a negative impact upon students' freedom to pursue minor or elective courses. The Honors Program consists of approximately 50 students from each class, selected partially at the time of admission to the University, partially towards the end of freshman year.

The Honors Program encourages students to:

  1. Become culturally literate in the Western tradition by studying some of its 'great ideas' as expressed in the humanities, the arts, and the social and natural sciences
  2. Appreciate challenges to the Western intellectual tradition either by considering critical voices traditionally marginalized in that culture or by investigating the assumptions of a non-Western culture
  3. Learn to make connections between disciplines, and to learn to ask the larger questions that transcend any single discipline
  4. Bring the Honors experience to bear on the field of their chosen major at a high level of accomplishment through the completion of a research project appropriate to the particular discipline