Billing Information - Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Information

Electronic check payments can be made online via the student portal account by navigating to the Online Billing and Payment link or logging on at If paying by check, please print the billing statement and return the remittance portion of the billing statement with the check and mail it to the Office of the Bursar. Credit card payments are not accepted.

If payment is not received or other arrangements completed by the due date, the University has the right to assume that a student is not returning to school and may cancel his or her registration. If a student is not returning to the University, please contact the dean of the respective school in writing so that proper withdrawal procedures can be followed. If payment in full cannot be made because of delays in bank loans or outside scholarships or if any other problems exist, it is the student's responsibility to notify the Office of the Bursar in writing to explain the delay, to confirm attendance, and to avoid possible cancellation. Please include Student Identification Number on all correspondence.

The Trustees of the University reserve the right to change tuition and fee rates and to make additional charges whenever necessary.

Residence Halls and Meals/Townhouses/Apartment Complex
All students living in a residence hall have been billed in accordance with the 14+ meals per week plan that includes 100 Dining Dollars for the semester. These students have the opportunity to select, during the first week of the semester, the Unlimited meals per week plan with 200 Dining Dollars at an additional charge per semester. Juniors and seniors living in campus residence halls are required to choose one of the above two plans but may also choose the following option during the first week of the semester: 7+ meals per week plan, which includes 600 Dining Dollars for the semester, at an additional charge. The additional charges will be billed in early October for the fall semester and in early February for the spring semester. For townhouse and apartment residents and commuter students, modified meal plans will be available for purchase during the semester.

General University Fee
This fee covers infirmary service at the University Health Center, admission to on-campus athletic events, support of student government activities, club sports, the operation of WVOF (the University's radio station), and unlimited access to the Internet and World Wide Web. This fee is charged once per year.

Room Damage Fee
This fee reflects damage charges for the previous academic year. Damage charge information can be found in the Student Handbook which is available online. A student can view the charges via the student portal account by going into My Academics and then View Room Damage. If there is a question or dispute, call Housing at ext. 4023 and leave a detailed message. Responses will be e-mailed to the student. Calls must be received prior to the start of the new school year. Once the new school year begins, these charges will be considered permanent and will not be reviewed.

Athletic Equipment Fees
Charges are added for athletic equipment that is not returned from the previous academic year. If there are any questions, please contact the Athletics Department at ext. 2491.

Library Fines
Fines are based on past due charges from the previous academic year. If there are any questions, please contact the Library at ext. 2189.

Parking Fines
Fines are based on past due violations from the previous academic year. If there are any questions, please contact Public Safety at ext. 2745.

Acceptance Deposit
The incoming freshmen class should note that their statements reflect credit for the $200 tuition deposit if it had been previously paid at the time of confirmation. Those incoming freshmen students who will be living on campus should have paid a $600 deposit; $200 appears as a credit on the statement and the remaining $400 is a room deposit that is held in escrow until the student leaves on-campus housing.

Financial Aid
Students need to have accepted their Financial Aid Award Letter online, if applicable, in order for aid to appear on their account. In addition, no aid will be disbursed or memoed if the financial aid file is incomplete. Questions regarding the aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Office at ext. 4125.

For University scholarship and grant-in-aid recipients, the statement reflects credit for one-half or one semester's portion of the University scholarship and grant-in-aid.

For Federal financial aid grant and loan recipients, please deduct the memo amount on the account from the balance due on the statement and remit the difference.

For Federal Stafford loan and Federal PLUS loan recipients, Fairfield University will permit an extension until the dates specified in the 'Important Dates' section for that portion of tuition and fees covered by a Stafford or PLUS loan. After these dates, the student is responsible for the balance due because Fairfield University cannot take responsibility for the processing time of loans. Federal law states that Stafford and PLUS loans will be disbursed in two installments, one-half in the fall and one-half in the spring. The Stafford loan proceeds will be sent directly to the University and, if in check form, must be endorsed by the student in order to be considered as payment. Please deduct the memo amount of the Stafford loan (less the processing fee) from the balance due. PLUS loan proceeds will also be sent directly to the University. If they are in check form, the University will then send them to the parent for endorsement with instructions to return the check to the Office of the Bursar. If the endorsed loan check is not received on or before the due date, the account will be charged a finance charge or late fee.

Private Scholarships
Those students receiving scholarships from an outside source should deduct one-half of the total outside aid from the balance due on their statement and remit the difference. Private scholarship checks should be mailed directly to the attention of the University Bursar. Please include the Student Identification Number on all correspondence.

Sallie Mae Monthly Tuition Payment Plan
If participating in this plan, please verify that the 'Anticipated' monthly payment plan credit is one-half of your yearly contract. If you have recently enrolled in the plan and your ‘Anticipated' credit does not yet appear, subtract one-half of the yearly contract amount from the statement to determine the amount due the University for the fall semester. Sallie Mae will again notify Fairfield in early August of the updated contracts. At that time, the account will be credited to reflect the Sallie Mae contract. Please honor the terms of the contract. A late payment will result in the account being delinquent. This will result in a finance charge or late fee, and could affect continuing registration. The anticipated contract amount will be reflected on the initial spring statement. Please note that August 1 is the last day for receipt of enrollment or contract increases in the monthly payment plan.

Automated Teller Machine
An ATM operated by Bank of America is located in the John A. Barone Campus Center for student bank deposits and withdrawals. The University does not have its own check cashing facility.

Room Deposit Refund
If moving from on-campus to off-campus housing for the upcoming academic year, the room deposit being held in escrow can be credited to the student account. Please contact the Office of the Bursar.

Finance Charge/Late Fee
Tuition bills are due for the fall semester on August 1 and for the spring semester on January 1. Fairfield University reserves the right to charge a finance charge, computed by a periodic rate of 1 percent per month, which is an annual rate of 12 percent, on amounts past due 30 days or more, and to add all costs of collection, including a reasonable sum for attorneys' fees, or charge a one-time $50 late fee per semester.

If you have any questions, please call (203) 254-4000 and connect with the respective department.

Athletics ext. 2491
Bursar* exts. 2410, 4102 or 2165
Financial Aid ext. 4125
Housing (room damage) ext. 4023
Library ext. 2189
Public Safety (parking fines) ext. 2745

*You may also send e-mail to for Bursar-related questions.

Important Dates
Office of the Bursar

July 6
Fall semester billing generated

August 1
Payment for fall semester due

August 1
Last day for receipt of enrollment or contract increases in the monthly payment plan

September 30
Final date for fall semester extension for receipt of Federal Stafford/PLUS loan proceeds
Finance charge or late fee assessed after this date

December 1
Spring semester billing generated

December 24-January 1
University offices closed

January 1
Payment for spring semester due

February 28
Final date of spring semester extension for receipt of Federal Stafford/PLUS loan proceeds. Finance charge or late fee assessed after this date.