The Advising Process: Introduction

oae_fac_student11‌Successful advising is more than a brief meeting once a semester to review your advisee's choice of courses. Instead, it is a relationship that develops over time - much like that between a teacher and a student during an entire semester. If you stay in touch with your advisees and get to know their interests and goals, you will provide better advice about courses appropriate for them. You will also have the satisfaction of seeing your advisees develop as students and as contributors to Fairfield University's rich curricular and co-curricular life.

Academic Advising Syllabus

To highlight the teaching and learning relationship at the heart of advising, the OAE has created a sample academic advising syllabus (PDF) that you may wish to use with your advisees. The syllabus includes the following:

  • Your contact information
  • Goals and responsibilities for advisees
  • Responsibilities for advisors
  • Learning outcomes for academic advising
  • Important dates and links to resources

Sample Advising Schedule

To foster ongoing interaction between advisors and advisees, the OAE has developed a sample semester-long advising schedule (PDF), which includes suggestions for meetings and e-mail contacts.