Taking Summer or Winter Classes

oae_st_gudelunas_classSometimes students take a summer or winter class to catch up if they fall below 15 credits in a previous semester, or to focus on a single course at a time. Advisors and advisees should keep in mind these guidelines:

  • In general, major courses must be taken at Fairfield
  • Students may take no more than 2 classes at another institution during one summer or winter vacation period
  • They must earn a grade of "C" or better in order to transfer credits back to Fairfield
  • For summer or winter courses taken elsewhere, only the credits - not the grades - transfer to Fairfield
  • For summer or winter courses taken at Fairfield, the grades do appear on a student's transcript
  • Students must have strong time-management skills to keep up with the amount of work in intensive summer or winter formats
  • The last 30 credits preceding graduation must be earned at Fairfield

Anticipated coursework must be preapproved in order to be eligible for credit. Students who would like to take a summer or winter course elsewhere should therefore follow these steps:

  • Complete the request for Summer/Winter Course Approval Form (PDF), in one of two ways:
    • Print out the form and fill it in manually
    • Fill in the fields online, and then print out the completed form
  • Attach a copy of the full description for each anticipated course. Course descriptions can be found in online catalogs at most institutions. Please note that course preapproval cannot and will not be processed without the course descriptions.
  • Submit the completed request form and accompanying course descriptions to the appropriate office for approval:
Student Office
Undeclared Exploratory Academic Advising, Kelley Center
Declared Major in College of Arts and Sciences     Dean's Office, Canisius 100
Declared Major in Dolan School of Business Dean's Office, DSB 1125
Declared Major in School of Nursing Dean's Office, SON 110
Declared Major in School of Engineering Dean's Office, McAuliffe 106


The dean or director of the office will review the request and generate a letter listing approved courses and their Fairfield equivalents.

After completing the preapproved coursework, the student should request an official transcript from the other institution. Transcripts should be forwarded to:

University Registrar
Fairfield University
1073 North Benson Road
Fairfield, CT 06824