Adding, Dropping, or Withdrawing from a Class

From the end of registration through the first few days of the add/drop period the following semester, students can change course schedules themselves by going online using the PIN they received from their faculty advisor during the advising period. During the pre-registration advising session, advisors and advisees should therefore discuss alternative or back-up courses so that students have informed options to choose from if they have to change their schedules.

Also, when an advisor meets an advisee during the semester, it is a good idea to compare the student's current schedule to the one outlined at advising the previous semester. Any changes may be minor (to avoid a time conflict, for instance), or they may indicate the student's evolving curricular interests and co-curricular activities, which could be the basis for discussion.

Dropping a Class

Once the add/drop period is over, students can still withdraw from a class - up to the middle of the semester. However, they need a dean's authorization on a course withdrawal form. Students who have not declared a major should go to the Office of Academic Support and Retention; all other students should see an assistant dean of their school. Note that students must be enrolled in at least 12 credits to maintain their full-time status.

Students who withdraw from a class after add/drop period will receive a "W" on their transcript.