Welcome from University President, the Rev. Jeffrey P. von Arx S.J.

Fr von ArxFairfield University is one of the great success stories in American higher education today. Although just over 70 years old, Fairfield is among the most highly regarded universities of its kind, with a highly selective student body and a talented faculty trained at some of the best universities in the country.

Fairfield is also an institution that knows what it stands for. As a Catholic and Jesuit university, Fairfield exists in the 450-year-old tradition of Jesuit education that still retains its freshness today:

  • It aims at producing men and women who are broadly educated in the humanities, the sciences, and the social sciences.
  • It challenges students to integrate their learning into an overall vision of themselves and their world.
  • It seeks to create people of competence, commitment and compassion in both its undergraduate and professional schools.
  • It takes religion and religious experience seriously as constitutive elements of being human and proper objects of study and personal appropriation.
  • It looks to form men and women who are effective and articulate advocates of what they know and believe.

Fairfield's student population of approximately 5,300 (undergraduate, graduate, and continuing students) is large enough to offer a range of academic and enrichment programs in an atmosphere that remains personal and communal.

While educating its students in the liberal arts and professional studies for success in an increasingly global, pluralistic, and technological world, Fairfield seeks to help those who pass through its gates to lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. It tries to convince its graduates to place their talents in the service of others, especially those who have no one else to be their advocates.

If this is your vision of what it is to be an educated person, we would welcome you to Fairfield University!

Rev. Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J.