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Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States
Institutional Memberships
Fairfield University Board of Trustees, 2013-2014
University Presidents
University Administration
University Organizational Chart
Honorary Degrees Awarded - Commencement


University Enrollment by School, 5 Year Trend
Fall Enrollment, Full-time/Part-time Head Count
Fall Enrollment, Full-time Equivalent (FTE)
Undergraduate Enrollment Division, Fall 2013
Graduate Enrollment, Fall 2013
Majors of Students Enrolled in Full-time Undergraduate Programs, Fall 2013
Full-time Undergraduate Resident Status
Undergraduate Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity (2010 and on, new definitions)
First-Year Students by Race/Ethnicity and Pell Recipients
International Students, Fall 2013
First-Year Student Admission Trend
First-Year Student Profile, Class of 2017
First-Year Student Cohort SAT Quartiles
First-Year Student Geographic Distribution, Class of 2017
University Geographic Distribution, Fall 2013
Freshman-to-Sophomore Retention, Original Cohort, AHANA, General Studies
Retention and Graduation Rates
Undergraduate Transfer Admission
Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded by Major
Master's Degrees Awarded by Major
Degrees Awarded by School, Cumulative
Financial Aid Data

Faculty and Staff

University Faculty, Fall 2013
Full-Time Faculty by Program, Rank, and Gender, Fall 2013
Full-Time Faculty by Highest Degree, School and Tenure Status, Fall 2013
Full-Time Faculty Average Salary and Compensation by Rank and AAUP II Comparison 2012-13
University Personnel, Fall 2013

DiMenna-Nyselius Library

Collection Holdings and Collection Circulation
Acquisitions Expenditures and Changes
Special Library Collections and Services


University Alumni and Undergraduate Alumni by State
University Alumni by Country

Endowment and Development

University Endowment Market Value


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